Label GanjaGyals Production has released a new album consisting of 15 amazing songs from 15 various reggae artists around the world. Now female reggae fans can enjoy sweet voices of such artists as Sunheart from Bulgaria, second time featuring Fatima Ezzahra from Morocco, Molarah and Glow Ria from Nigeria, Veronika Lebetskaya from Belorus, Valentina Iela from Italy, Jo Elle from United States, Queen Kara from Canada and Radiant Monique with eLouise from Jamaica and many other awesome singers.

Milky & Juicy Female reggae collection fills that gap where is in the vast an infant longing for growth and progress. This Best Female Reggae Song Compilation album appears in the desert of existence as a smiling flower. In it a thought is sown, sense takes birth in the depths of darkness, a memory quivers, and the dead soul springs up into life.

In this Female Reggae Collection is important due to the important lyrics used in songs taken from ancient sacred texts of various religious backgrounds in order to rise ones consciousness towards rigorousness and Truth, God and healthy moral conduct bringing happiness and peace in listeners life. Most of the songs are about ephemeral creation which is full of anguish and suffering, which is at present under the complete sway of Ignorance and Death. The songs comes here and explores the cosmic dimensions in all their smallnesses and greatnesses, finds the reason for the failure of the Power of the fallen Self. They make you become the explorer of the worlds, become the sailor on the flow of Time and voyage through a starry world of thoughts, looking from Matter's deck to the spiritual sun in the sky.

The Best Milky and Juicy Female Reggae Collection is a creative female collaboration project produced by music producer Martins Ate from Black Sea Records. This is a second female reggae compilation album first being released almost 2 years ago dedicated for family duties and female role in the society through music collaborating with artists from Jamaica, Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan and Italy featuring such artist names as Fatima Ezzahra, Stayre, eLouise, Moonshine, Valerie Nuque, and Afrodija.

We offer to listen to Valentina Iela composition "Delusion". It is about that all can be done if the god-touch is there. In that optimistic mood is kindled hope in her heart, that there might be the indifference of the Night but a miracle can change everything.

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